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Appointment Cancellation

Current Patients

Thank you for using our online portal.  Please submit this form to cancel an appointment.  We want you to know that we do require a 24 hour notice to cancel an appointment to avoid a late cancellation / no show fee.  The fee is the amount that is typically charged for your office visit, not your copay or coinsurance.  If you have questions about the fee please list the questions in the comments section below, and we will address the concerns when we call you back to re-schedule your appointment. 

Example 1:  If your appointment is scheduled for Thursday at 2:30 pm, you must cancel by Wednesday at 2:30 pm to avoid the fee. 

Example 2:  If your appointment is scheduled for Monday at 2:30 pm, you must cancel by Friday at 2:30 pm to avoid the fee. 

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