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Opiate Abuse

There is a lot of talk and coverage focusing on opiate abuse recently.  There is no typical person suffering from this addiction.  It affects all walks of life from rich to poor.  Many times it starts innocently enough with pain killers prescribed by a physician.  Unfortunately due to the stigma many people don't seek treatment or don't know that there are treatment options.  

An initial visit will require the patient to be in withdraw for 24-48.  After a brief visit with a provider, buperonorphine will be administered until the effects of withdraw are controlled.  The advantage to this method, also known as an induction, is to prescribe the proper dose reducing the amount of time to ween the patient off of the bupernorphine.  There are additional requirements to help ensure the patient will be successful in their treatment.

Suboxone, Subutex, and Zubsolv are all forms of buperenorphine used to treat opoid addiction.  Your provider will determine which is best for you.
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