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Patients are seen by appointment only. Our office hours are 8:00 am - 5:00 pm Monday through Thursday and 8:00 am - 3:00 pm on Friday. We are closed for most major holidays.


Payment is due at the time of services. Dr. Morris, Ashley Burns, CNP, Vaden Danielson, PA-c and Lyndsey Jones, CNP are on many insurance panels, and will bill your insurance for services. You are responsible for copays, deductibles, and services your insurance does not cover. We will file primary and secondary insurance only. Additionally, some insurance policies require authorization for visits before you are seen in our office. While we may assist with this, it is ultimately the patient’s responsibility to ensure that all forms and authorizations are obtained prior to the initiation of treatment.

Missed Appointments:

If you miss or no-show your appointment, you will be charged for the allotted time. The charge will vary based on your provider and level of service.  If you must reschedule your appointment and give a 24 hour notice or 48 hour for a new patient (24/48 business hour notice), you will not be charged for the allotted time. If you cancel within the 24/48 business hour time frame and we are able to fill your time slot, you will not be charged. However, if we are not able to fill the time slot, you will be charged for your missed appointment. The policy is not intended to be punitive; rather, it allows us to continue to provide a high level of care to all of our patients. Additionally, if you arrive late for your appointment, we will attempt to see you. However, if we are unable to do so, you will be asked to reschedule. Unfortunately, this will result in a missed appointment charge. We customarily provide a reminder call the day before you appointment; however, this reminder call is a courtesy and does not exempt the patient for a missed appointment fee. Additionally, insurance does not pay for missed appointments. Excessive no-shows or missed appointments may lead to discharge from clinic.

Medical Records:

Requests for medical must be made in writing. In addition, an appropriate HIPAA form must be completed. Please allow 2 weeks for processing of medical records requests.

Prescription Refills:

Refill requests for controlled medicines may be made to the office. There will be a $10 fee for controlled prescriptions that are refilled between appointments. All non-schedule II refill requests are to be faxed from your pharmacy. Refill requests will not be honored after hours. Schedule II medicine refills may only be picked up during office hours. There are no exceptions to these rules. Please allow one business day to process refill requests.

Controlled substances are at times utilized in our office. Due to the potential risk of break-ins, we keep no controlled substance samples in our clinic. We participate in the OBNDA statewide tracking system. In addition, urine drug screens are sometimes required to obtain a controlled substance. Controlled substances are not filled after hours, and are not refilled early, even if your script or medication is lost, stolen or destroyed (dog ate it, kid ate it, washed it, threw it out, etc.). This is not intended to be punitive, but allows us to maintain state and federal law standards, and provide a high level of patient care.

Emergency Coverage:

Coverage is available at all times. Our answering machine is available for non-emergent messages. If you have a true emergency, our answering service at 405.949.5880 is available. On weekends and holidays, we share all coverage with a call group of psychiatric physicians. Please reserve the answering service for emergencies. Emergency coverage is without charge: however, utilizing the answering service for calls other than emergencies may result in a fee for medical services.

Office Closings:

From time to time, Oklahoma weather creates inclement conditions which may impede our ability to see scheduled patients. In the event that we close our office, we will call our scheduled patients as far in advance as possible to inform them of the office closing. In addition, we will leave a recorded message on our answering machine for any patients who call our office after hours or on those days we are closed. If you are a patient who lives out of the metro area, our policy is if your local schools are closed due to weather conditions, then you are not required to give us the usual 24 business hour notice. However, we do ask that you kindly give us a call to inform us that you will not be at your appointment due to weather conditions and that your local schools are in fact closed. We can reschedule your appointment at that time as well.

For a copy of our office policies, we have a copy available for printing under forms.
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