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Prior Auths

Prior Authorization Questions or Status Checks

Thank you for using our online portal for your questions and concerns about your medication prior authorization. 

We want to let you know a little about the prior authorization process.   When your insurance indicates that a prior authorization is required for a medication, your pharmacy will send us a prior authorization request.  Once we receive the request from, we will complete the required paperwork, and then your insurance company has approximately 72 hours to reply to our submission.  Insurance may require additional information to make a final decision.

If you have changed your insurance, but not given that information to our office it will cause a delay obtaining the prior authorization.  

If has been our experience that most insurance company's respond within the 72 hours, but some company's may take up to 14 days.

We will do our best to ensure that our part is completed in a timely manner, to enable you to get your medications as quickly as possible. 


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Prior Authorization

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